DR SMILE Medical Home Whitening Set
DR SMILE Medical Home Whitening Set

DR SMILE Medical Home Whitening Set

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Brilliantly white teeth overnight

DR SMILE Home Whitening consists of a whitening gel, which you fill into the enclosed whitening trays. Worn overnight, the active ingredient can work optimally and your teeth will already shine brighter in the morning.

Since this product is medical and highly effective, it may only be sold to DR SMILE patients. If you are interested, please contact us. Patients will receive a link to complete the purchase.

  • Overnight effect - significantly whiter teeth after just one night.
  • Professional White - 10% carbamide peroxide whitening is a medical product, only sold by dentists.
  • Gentle and safe - the application of the whitening gel in your aligners ensures that the gel works optimally on the tooth surface.
  • Compatible with aligners - The whitening gel is compatible with aligners and does not damage the aligner material.

Contents: 3 syringes with whitening gel, thermo-adjustable trays and instructions.

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